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Achievements of MPC since 2003

Here are a few examples of what MPC has achieved beween 2003 and 2015:

* We reached > 5000 children in Morocco with our education programmes
* We initiated and facilitated the creation of the Conservation Action Plan for the Barbary macaque in Morocco
* We created awareness with +/- 5000 visitors in Ifrane National Park through our educator
* We participated in reaching hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors to Morocco every year
* We prevented 100% poaching with the groups in the Azrou forest in 2014
* We kept 30 families warm since 2014 with our sustainable oven/ heater programme in Ifrane NP and reduced the need for fire wood
* We initiated the shift in status in the IUCN Red List from “Vulnerable” to “Endangered”
* We accomlished the conservation of the Barbary macaque to be a high priority with the Moroccan authorities
* In 2015 we have 10 local staff and 10 international staff (both paid and volunteer)
* We succesfully introduced an infant in to a wild group of macaques creating possibilities for future infants that are captured for the illegal trade
* We did research for the Moroccan authoriites that will make it possible to re-connect forest fragments in Ifrane NP by corridors

Our activities in more detail:

  • Research on the illegal trade in Barbary macaques Morocco (2003/2004/2010)
  • Research on the wild population in Ifrane national park (2005/ 2011)
  • Research on the illegal trade in Barbary macaques in Europe (2003/ 2011)
  • Research on the opinion of tourists regarding the use of macaques for photo props in Marrakech
  • Lobbying with the Moroccan authorities
  • Organisation of expert seminars (2007/ 2011)
  • Educational campaign in ports of Tanger/ Algeciras/ Tarifa to warn visitors/ tourists travelling to Morocco to not buy wild animals/ take pictures with macaques (2007/ 2010/ 2011/ 2012)
  • Custom training CITES in Morocco and Spain (2007/ 2009)
  • Assessment Barbary macaque IUCN Red List shift from “Vulnerable” to status “Endagered”
  • Workshops/ (field) training for Moroccan “green” NGOs, National Park staff, students of Moroccan Universities
  • Lobby/ planning/ preparations for creation of rescue center for confiscated Barbary macaques in Morocco
  • Fighting poachers with local people
  • Working closely together with Moroccan and European universities
  • Scientific publications
  • School programmes on education concerning Barbary macaque conservation/ garbage and the importance of conserving habitats/ forests (2012)
  • Creation of National Conservation Action Plan for the Barbary macaque in Morocco
  • Assisting the Ifrane national park authorities with necessary measures to protect the wildlife in the NP  such as placing road signs etc.
  • Pilot (re)introduction of an infant macaque into a wild group in Ifrane national park (INP)
  • Assisted at workshop for creation of Species Action Plan for Macaca nigra ad started a partnership for macaques with Selamatkan Yaki in Sulawesi
  • Education programme in Rabat zoo
  • Advising the High Commissary of Water and Forests on Barbary macaque issues in Morocco
  • Education programme at schools in the UK
  • Handed out sustainable cookers to 30 families in INP to conserve macaque habitat
  • Scientific research on restoring fragmented forest of INP with corridors to re-connect the Barbary macaque populations
  • Implement an eco-tourism, anti poaching and monitoring programme in Ifrane NP (www.monkeywatch.org)
  • Implement a pilot anti-poaching programme in the summer of 2014
  • Hiring a monkey guard / visitor educator in Ifrane NP in 2015
  • Annual education school programmes in the Ifrane NP region since 2012
  • Large scale anti-poaching programme in 2015 – recruiting, training and installing a team of 7 anti-poaching guards in Ifrane NP to support the authorities with tackling illegal activities such as macaque poaching, illegal logging etc.
  • Scientific research on sleeping trees of Barbary macaques in Ifrane NP




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MPC is an NGO that has successfully worked on the conservation of the endangered Barbary macaque in Morocco since 2003. MPC is the official partner of the Moroccan government for the protection of this unique species. 

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