• Stichting AAP – who are funding our amazing anti-poaching programme
  • Hanneke van Ormondt
    has financially supported MPC from the very start. Without your help this would not have been possible.
  • WWF MedPo / WWF NL
  • IPPL has been supporting MPC for years now funding many different projects!
  • Robert Dupper –has made a beautiful short movie for MPC about the Barbary macaque issues and our commercial with Nabila Marhaben. www.dupper.nl
  • Future for Nature/ Burgers Zoo/ IUCN NL – thank you for awarding Els with the 2010 award and prize moneywww.futurefornature.netwww.burgerszoo.nl
  • Wild Futures
  • Apenheul Primate Conservation Trust
  • Dutch Zoo Conservation Fund (DZCF)
  • Fam. L.P van Lavieren
  • Stichting Eigengedraaid
  • Stichting Wakker Dier –the Wakker Dier team has been a tremendous help to MPC from the start in logistical advise and 
advise about staring up and running a foundation. Thank you.
  • Crossbow DRTV –thank you Rob Patmore, for all your help and advise with our fundraising efforts: crossbow drtv
  • Albert Heijn Amersfoort & Leusden & Weesp
    thank you for letting us place the pods in your shops near the bottle recycle machine
    and have
 people donate their bottle tickets to us!
  • Montagne des Singes/ Trentham Forest/ La Forets des Singes/ Affenberg Salem – have been supporting MPC in many projects over the last years
  • Dik Peeters Visagie opleidingen –thank you for helping us find a visagist for our commercial: www.dikpeeters.nl
  • Erno Das Belichting – thank you for helping us with the camera/ sound/ light/ location etc to shoot the commercial with Nabila for MPC: http://www.ernodas.nl/
  • DutchDuo
    thank you for helping us with a new communication plan: www.dutchduo.nl
  • Salto 1 + 2 and Huissen TV – thank you for airing our spot for free
  • Lowie Kopie
  • Hotel Chellal d’Ouzoud  – thank you for sponsoring accommodation for MPC when staying in Ouzoud. www.hotelchellalouzoud.com
  • La Bedouine –MPC is very excited to have La Bedouine as a new sponsor! La Bedouine will donate a portion of the profits of their Mousse d’Argan Facial Wash to help protect the Barbary macaque in Morocco. Thank you very much! www.labedouine.com
  • CEPF (Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund) – for research on forest restoration
  • FIN
  • Stichting voor Daadwerkelijke Dierenbescherming
  • Montagne des Singes, Trentham monkeyforest, Affenberg Salem, La Forêt des Singes 
  • IFAW  Netherlands
  • Tui Travel Netherlands
  • Fancy Farmers – for supporting MPC’s work in many different ways
  • The Royal Dutch Embassy in Rabat, Morocco

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If you wish to do a one-off donation, but cannot use the links please transfer your donation to account number 390469130. (IBAN: NL94TRIO 0390469130 and BIC/ SWIFT: TRIONL2U). Please put your email address in the subject of your transfer so that we can contact you.

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Stichting Moroccan Primate Conservation/
Moroccan Primate Conservation foundation
Van Hogendorpstraat 68E,
1051 BS, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)644787261 /
Email: info@mpcfoundation.nl

About us

MPC is an NGO that has successfully worked on the conservation of the endangered Barbary macaque in Morocco since 2003. MPC is the official partner of the Moroccan government for the protection of this unique species. 

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