Our vision, mission statement and goals

MPC’s vision:

Barbary macaques are valued and protected by the governments and local communities, secure in their natural habitat and not longer threatened.

MPC’s mission:

To protect the endangered Barbary macaque through scientific research, species and habitat conservation, educational programmes, government engagement, rehabilitation of Barbary macaques and all other actions needed to protect the species from going extinct.

MPC’s goals are to help the Moroccan authorities to implement the actions described in the national conservation action plan (2012) in order to re-establish viable populations of Barbary macaques in its natural habitat in Morocco.

To accomplish this, the following objectives are maintained:

Objective 1: Restoring main habitats of the Barbary macaque

Objective 2: Reduce human pressure on the wild Barbary macaque populations ad bring the populations back to sustainable levels

Objective 3: End the illegal trade in young macaques

We use the following numbers to define viable Barbary macaque populations:

  • A minimum total population size of  15000 macaques in Morocco
  • A minimum average density in the 3 sub- populations (Rif/ Middle Atlas/ High Atlas) of 25 – 30 ind/km2
  • A minimum average group size of 30-40 macaques

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About us

MPC is an NGO that has successfully worked on the conservation of the endangered Barbary macaque in Morocco since 2003. MPC is the official partner of the Moroccan government for the protection of this unique species. 

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