Be part of our exciting eco-tourism, monitoring and anti-poaching programme called MonkeyWatch run by the Moroccan Primate Conservation Foundation, in partnership with the Barbary Macaque Project, based in Azrou, Morocco.
Our primary aim is to help protect, monitor and conserve the endangered Barbary macaque in an area of prime habitat for the species – the mixed cedar and oak forests of Ifrane National Park, Morocco.
We offer people the unique opportunity to come and join us to carry out fieldwork in the forest. Our experienced guides will introduce you to some of the survey techniques we use to count the number of monkeys and will help you understand more about their behaviour in the wild. As an added bonus, you will get to visit parts of the stunning National Park that you wouldn’t normally see. For more information how to book please go to:

About us

MPC is an NGO that has successfully worked on the conservation of the endangered Barbary macaque in Morocco since 2003. MPC is the official partner of the Moroccan government for the protection of this unique species. 

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